Yogi and Lori when they first came to Falls Creek

Renja, Matt and their kids ready for another season, 2021

Family owned and operated since 1978

Everyone has a story and ‘Yogi’s’ is no different…

In the early 70s, Yogi and Lori came to Falls Creek to work a season at what was then known as Cummings Ski Hire. They fell in love with each other, Falls Creek and all things snow, and decided to buy ‘Yogi’s’ in 1978.

Yogi became one of the best boot fitters in Australia and had a passion to mould plastic and transform once painful boots into something that delivers performance and comfort!

Thirty-eight years later and 70 years of age Lori and Yogi finally retired and sold the business to their daughter Renja (Renya/Ren)and son-in-law Matt.

With the love of all things snow and years of knowledge passed down to the next generation, Renja and Matt enjoy nothing more than welcoming back friends and meeting new people who come to holiday in this magical place.

Let them share their knowledge and help you have an exceptional holiday. If you are hiring equipment, they will match you with the right gear and take the stress out of rental with free delivery and pick up. Or if you need a new pair of boots or alterations to your current ones, they will make sure you are fitted correctly.

Located in the center of Falls Creek they are an easy walking distance from anywhere or catch the free shuttle right to their doorstep.