Customised Bootfitting and Footbeds

Yogi’s has always been renowned for its boot fitting expertise, from the late 70s when ski boots weren’t ergonomically adapted to different body shapes until now with technology giving us a head start.

Boots are an essential part of your equipment, providing the interface between your body and your skis. With a correctly fitted boot, the transition of power and precision can occur seamlessly giving you greater control, improving your skiing and comfort.

There is a huge number of things to consider when choosing a new pair of boots;

  • Size
  • Flex
  • Last (width)
  • Comfort
  • Type/model
  • Footbed

Even with a wide range of boots available alternations are not uncommon and it is often part of the process in achieving the best fit. Being located in the center of Falls Creek if an issue occurs once you have brought your boots we are only minutes away and can continue to perfect your fit.

One part of the boot fit that is often overlooked is the footbed. Yogi’s has a Masterfit Airvac Moulding System that creates high-definition custom insoles with speed and precision! Virtually everyone will experience better control with footbeds. They enable the foot to directly transfer power while greatly enhancing comfort. Footbeds reduce the amount of effort necessary to initiate ski and snowboard turns while maintaining the natural shock-absorbing ability of the arch. Without proper support, skiers and snowboarders with high or low arches and pronated or supinated feet aren’t getting an optimal foot-to-snow response.

Ren or Matt have spent a lift time skiing and are both Masterfit and Sidas certified. They are confident they can get the right fit for you and offer a 2-year ‘fit guarantee’ if you buy your boots and footbeds at Yogi’s. That means for the 2 years after purchasing your boots if you have any issues you can ski straight back to their door and they will continue to work on your boots for free until we get that perfect fit!

Ring 03 5758 3377 or email to make an appointment today!