Yogi’s is located in the center of Falls Creek, 8 Falls Creek Road (google maps can help here). It is a short walk from all Falls Creek accommodations or a free shuttle can be taken right to our door. When conditions are good you can ski to and from our door.

We can offer free delivery and pick up to customers that hire ski and/or snowboard equipment with us for multiple days. You must have a secure location at your accommodation to leave your equipment as we can only guarantee pick up and delivery after shop hours.

We open from 8 am and close at 6 pm seven days a week.

All hire equipment needs to be returned by 5:30 pm on the last day of your hire. If you wish us to collect your gear please call 03 5758 3377 to organise.

Yes, it is a great experience and lots of fun. If you would like to night ski or snowboard on your last day of hire and can’t return the equipment by 5:30 you will need to pay for an additional day. This is because we process all our equipment overnight so that we can have it ready for our next customers in the morning. Depending on how many days you have hired the extra day can be as little as $5.

If you are sick or injured before or during your holiday you can email us at yogisfalls@gmail.com to apply for a refund.

Please check out our Terms and Conditions for more information

It is very important that the information you give us is correct – height, weight, skier level, and age are all used to set up the equipment to safety standards. If you are unsure please say so in the notes section when ordering and we will not pre-set your equipment.

The more accurate the information you give us, especially foot measurements the quicker your fitting will be. All the equipment is picked out and set up before you arrive.

You can be in and out in minutes if we get this right!

Carved ski – Entry-level ski, this is if you have never skied before and are after a budget ski

Premium ski – This ski has better technology and is newer, if you have skied before or are hiring for more than 2 days we recommend you choose this ski.

Demo Ski – These are our top-of-the-line skis, they cover all conditions and come with the ability to swop skis during your hire to try another ski-out or if conditions change. Please note that this is only available if the equipment is looked after and returned in good condition.

Basic Snowboards – These are for children and those entry-level boarders.

Premium Snowboards – These boards have better technology and a bigger range. If you have boarded before or are hiring for more than 3 days we recommend choosing this range.

As long as the equipment is looked after, we offer a $25 swop from one to the other. This small charge is to cover our time and maintenance/cleaning of all equipment.